Weather data is helping to anticipate cholera outbreaks

The UK Met Office, NASA and leading Cholera researchers are working together to predict when Cholera might strike in Yemen, combining information such as rainfall, population density and access to clean water to pinpoint susceptible areas. Since Cholera is carried through contaminated water it can spread rapidly and war-torn Yemen is particularly vulnerable. This pioneering data use is already helping aid workers to be more proactive and reach areas before an outbreak has occurred. As reported by the BBC, the number of new cholera cases per week has fallen from 50,000 in 2017 to 2,500 in 2018.

Häagen-Dazs rebrands to meet millennial expectations

Häagen-Dazs has recently undergone a rebranding to stay relevant to millennial and social media-savvy consumers. It is known as one of the more high-end ice-cream brands with its heritage and luxurious flavours contributing to its premium identity. However, it is precisely this image which its marketing team feared was deterring younger consumers from purchasing its products. Jennifer Jorgensen, the company’s Vice President and Marketing Director, discussed the new marketing direction in Business Insider last year. Younger customers prefer brands which “share their values and have strong and relatable stories”. Part of this redesign involves greater investment in digital advertising to appeal to the social media generations.

WhatsApp cannot secure users’ data backup in Google Drive

WhatsApp announced a change to its data backup storage this week, stating that Android users will be able to store their data backups at no extra cost in Google Drive from November- however this data will not be encrypted. The change is a result of WhatsApp’s new deal with Google. Storing backups of conversations and images in Google Drive will benefit users on the one hand as it will save them from using up their device’s storage allowance. Yet without encryption this data will not be protected via coding, making it vulnerable to hackers.

Over 80% of consumers make purchases due to content marketing

82% of business consumers are so influenced by content marketing that they have been compelled to purchase the brand’s products, according to research from B2B market research company, Clutch. The study, which looked at the impact of organisations’ content marketing on 384 employees, proved the power of content-led advertising particularly in the corporate sphere for leading consumers to point of purchase. Half of those surveyed were more likely to research the company’s offering and 53% were more likely to revisit a company’s website after consuming content marketing.

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